A word to the Clergy

Its probably safe to say that there are millions of topical Bible study series available today, but you know making disciples calls for a relationship with God, and the companionship of a trusted mentor helps any person get through even the roughest of times. It’s our conviction that the Church seems to have been weakened by a diet of topical studies. Harmony Bible groups use a strategic approach to equip disciple-making disciples. By studying the Gospels and reflecting on both Old and New Testament passages peoples’ faith is strengthened and churches experience greater vitality. They gain a solid understanding of the progression of Jesus’ ministry and the faith and vocation of the disciples. The chronological journey through the Harmony of the Gospels then helps equip and encourage each disciple as they engage in ministry according to their own vocation.

The entire study takes a little more than four years to complete. Options for abbreviated series exist such as:

Every lesson is appropriate for multi-generational groups, or any other social grouping. Furthermore, just as Jesus welcomed and discipled people from all walks of life – groups leaders can help guide the members of their small group through the five phases of discipleship.

Each group leader who registers us as a cooperative member will be provided a limited use pdf of The Harmony of the Gospels (Thomas & Gundry) through our of our unique and unprecedented distribution license. Beginning in 2015 we we will begin to include the World English Version (which is in public domain) within each post so that leaders can save and print any post and have our ready-to-use: scripture lesson, notes, and sample group questions with their small group. Our posts may be downloaded and reproduced freely under our creative commons license – simply do not remove our logo or URL from the page. Reproduction of the pdf e-book from Thomas and Gundry is limited to the members of each small group registered and liability for any violation extends to the registered leader and the associated church.

Our invitation to You

We began Harmony Bible as a Co-operative Ministry June 1, 2014.  Our url with [dot]COOP is more than just a domain – its part of our philosophy of ministry. As a cooperative ministry we invite pastors to participate with us in any number of ways including:

  1. Host a small group leaders training session at your church. This can be exclusively for your small group leaders or for small group leaders in your denomination, deanery, diocese or county.
  2. Schedule a time to be our special guest on Harmony Bible Radio. You select the week and corresponding passage, and then participate in a one-hour preliminary dialogue the week of the broadcast; and then a one-hour phone call on the given Friday (2 days before the release date of the broadcast).
  3. Give your blessing to launch one or more Harmony Bible groups led by your church members so that together we can help  strengthen the church and your congregation will become better equipped to reach the un-reached and disinterested with the Good News.
  4. Be a sponsor of Harmony Bible helping us by providing funds, resources, or services, and help us get the Word out.
  5. Share your wisdom and understanding of the Gospel to the benefit of all our members by adding your comments below any post or by joining our teaching team. Contact us to learn more.