In a recent dialog our founder Greg Troxell provided the following responses to some questions:
When did you first sense the call to ministry?
When I was confirmed in 1982 there was a prophetic word given the Bishop which has hounded me since. After working for three years as the director of marketing for a printed circuit board company I joined the staff of a church and then the staff of YoungLife and then another church as the director of discipleship. That was over a ten-year season. At that time I thought it was time to begin a church plant, but my ex-wife and God seemed to think differently. I went back to ‘the business world’ but continued consulting churches, leading retreats, and leading worship as a volunteer.
Is this a registered as a 501-C3?
No, HB is not registered. We are a group of individuals who have chosen to serve together to make disciples. Would you like to help? Send us a message.
If not a registered 501-C3, then how do we send our financial support?
We have no checking or savings account in the name of a “corporation” to get one we would need an EIN number, and to get that we would need to register and function under greater restrictions of the law. As a community, with no building, no staff, or insurance, we are free to give as we are able, meet the needs of one another, and further the Gospel?  On the other hand, if your heart and resources allow it, please send an annual gift to NAMS with a memo that says HARMONY BIBLE. NAMS will use your gift to further the work of church planters around the globe.
What about donations? Are they Tax-deductible? 
That a question for your tax expert. The general answer is yes in most situations including those that I’ve described above. When you give to NAMS you will receive a charitable contributions report.
What Should I do if I feel called to plant a church?
Contact me, Greg Troxell, by phone, or email.  We’ll talk about your sense of your context for ministry and calling, then go through a few assessments, and then begin field training to learn the essential principles, Gospel message, ministry philosophy and strategies for ministry development. Where possible we will train, mobilize and support you in partnership with NAMS.
What should I do If I want us to start using Harmony Bible within my local church or community? 
Again, contact me, Greg Troxell, by phone, or email so that we can talk about your ideas, and see how it would best be help you begin, train your leaders, staff and resource the groups with our materials. We will come to train you and any number of your parishioners. We will give you a master copy of the loose-leaf version of Thomas & Gundry’s Harmony of the Gospels and you may purchase a complete set of our study guides (year 1-4).