Ask, Seek, Knock

Week 46 | Section 54 h, i

In this broadcast we conclude a 5 week series of the sermon on the mount.  Jesus wraps up the teaching with a familiar lesson on prayer with a simple summary: Ask, Seek, Knock.

This week is a perfect opportunity to explore and discuss the importance of prayer and talk about how you yourself as the disciple have integrated routine, regular, and continuous prayer into your life.  Its also a terrific time to talk about the intimacy of your relationship with God, your desire to be with him, and abide with him. Another theme to explore is the aspect of ego, sin and other obstacles that separate us from God and the behaviors that nurture your relationship with God.

By Greg Troxell

Disciple, entrepreneur and catalytic leader. Advocate of the sharing economy. Ministering to youth, new Christians, and equipping the saints. Developing the Emotivational practice. Founder of