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Persevering in Prayer

March 4th, 2017|5c, Five|0 Comments

Today’s lesson is designed to embolden Jesus’ disciples and each of us as we face trials, delays and persecution. Jesus affirms the action and attitudes of prayer and humility as essentials to victory, justice and peace. God doesn’t require us to clean ourselves up or pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps before we come to him, but instead to come humbly to him, reliant on his grace, confident of his faithfulness not our own. This […]

Instructions Provided

February 22nd, 2017|5c, Five|0 Comments

Jesus still committed to his mission is most certainly aware of the crucifixion he will endure – and also the victory he will secure.  While He taught the disciples that we can not know in advance the day He’ll return, He also gave clear instructions as to what we should be doing until that day and the Holy Spirit to empower every believer in that endeavor. Don’t let fear drive our away from today’s message but let […]

Where Are The Other Nine?

February 18th, 2017|5c, Five|0 Comments

You’d think that gratitude would come naturally to most, especially to those who have no hope or other recourse, but the human heart and mind is at times fickle.  In today’s study we will consider our own readiness for gratitude and what preoccupies our mind.

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Section 120a | Healing of ten Lepers while passing through Samaria and Galilee
Traveling through Samaria and Galilee
Luke 17:11-21
11 As he was on his way to Jerusalem, he was passing along the borders […]

Life out of Death

January 25th, 2017|5c|0 Comments

In today’s study we see different perspectives and reactions to Jesus who had raised Lazarus from the dead. Though many believed that Jesus was the Messiah, the religious leaders decided that he must die. Meanwhile John saw the handiwork of God as we too can catch a glimpse of the most wonderful fact, “He who was dead is alive again forevermore”. We must remember that despite our free will and even our sin, there is still the will and work of God.

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Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany (A)

January 22nd, 2017|Lectionary Series, Year A|0 Comments

Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany (A)

Our Gospel reading today is from Mt 5:1-12 found in Sections 54a, b.  Jesus explains during the first lesson on the “Sermon on the Mount” his wisdom, virtues and values he wishes to instill in those who would be his disciples. Even more in this message Jesus is passing on an anointing helping his recently appointed Apostles who are to become like him. The beatitudes confound the braggart but comfort the biddable; they build up the disciple but bewilder the […]

For Love and Life

January 21st, 2017|5c, Five|0 Comments

It was the winter of A.D.30 – just months before Jesus’ triumphal entry and his own crucifixion that we read the story of when Jesus raised his friend Lazarus from the dead. The story is one of devotion and destiny – not only Jesus’ but also of Lazarus, his sisters, and the disciples – especially Thomas.

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Section 118a | Sickness and Death of Lazarus
John 11:1-16
1 Now a certain man was sick, Lazarus from […]

Third Sunday after the Epiphany (A)

January 18th, 2017|Lectionary Series, Year A|0 Comments

Third Sunday after the Epiphany (A)

This week’s Gospel reading is from Matthew 4:12-23 which is found within four sections, but spans 11 sections in phases 2 & 3 in the Harmony of the Gospels. In our study we’ll have to revisit our Chronology, see how Matthew sheds light on an old prophecy and why this region was such fertile ground for the Good News, as well as examine the the recesses of our own hearts and the lands to which […]

Second Sunday after Epiphany (A)

January 15th, 2017|Lectionary Series, Year A|0 Comments

Second Sunday after Epiphany (Year A)

This Sunday’s Gospel Reading from John 1:29-42 spans sections 27 & 28 in the Harmony of the Gospels. The setting is in Bethany on the East side of the River Jordan and in Galilee. John the Baptist was certain that Jesus was the long awaited Messiah and he was not hesitant to tell others. His witness is

Almighty God, whose Son our Savior Jesus Christ is the light of the world: Grant […]

Danger and Duty

January 14th, 2017|5c, Five|0 Comments

In this passage Jesus teaches his disciples principles that are entwined in the Lord’s Prayer. He discloses to them the plain truth and power of every soul which is surrendered to him, as well as the dangers and duty of our position in Christ.

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Section 117c | Four Lessons on Discipleship
Luke 17:1-10
1 He said to the disciples, “It is impossible that no occasions of stumbling should come, but woe to him through whom they come!¯ 2 […]

Newsletter – Advent 2016

December 14th, 2016|HB News|0 Comments

December 14, 2016

Dear members and friends in Christ,

We’re coming up on the 4th Sunday of Advent and as we prepare for Christmas it’s important that we remember to take the time to abide in Christ (Jn 15:4) through meditation and prayer as well as to share the Gospel message with those we love. Jesus shared those words of wisdom with his disciples on Maundy Thursday in his last hours. As we linger in the […]