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Newsletter – Advent 2016

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December 14, 2016

Dear members and friends in Christ,

Advent 4-animationWe’re coming up on the 4th Sunday of Advent and as we prepare for Christmas it’s important that we remember to take the time to abide in Christ (Jn 15:4) through meditation and prayer as well as to share the Gospel message with those we love. Jesus shared those words of wisdom with his disciples on Maundy Thursday in his last hours. As we linger in the last days of Advent may His “joy may remain in you, and your joy may be made full.” (Jn 15:11 | Section 150a) as you abide in Him, carry out His will and your calling in ministry.

2016 has been an encouraging and fruitful year.
Among the blessings are:

More about our Vision:
Our enduring vision for this cooperative ministry is that we create it together and that all our resources remain free under a creative commons license. We want to reach more folks helping them have a joyful and abundant life in Christ!

In 2017 we’ll complete our the 3.5 year study through the Harmony of the Gospels; continue publishing the Gospel Lectionary; complete the Bible Timeline. With your help we’ll take on three new initiatives:  24/7 Web radio station (multilingual and ecumenical); YoungLife Leader Series (Club and Campaigners); Narrative Lectionary (an alternative to the RCL).

Use this webform or post a comment with any projects which you’d like to champion or other requests that you think will help small group leaders and folks disciple others.
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You Can Help Harmony Bible:
While our current annual operating budget is just $2,000 the radio station will cost about $35,000 to get started. After that time it has the potential to become self-supporting and cover future operational expenses.

Before the end of 2016 we should be registered as an “integrated auxiliary” of FaithX which will allow you to make a tax-deductible donation to Harmony Bible. The other two initiatives require more team members but have no added overhead cost.

As a Coop we hope that you will offer your gifts and skills to help strengthen this ministry. Techy skills are needed, scholarly and pastoral commentary is needed, and if nothing else – you can simply share our posts with your friends, small group and church members. We would also welcome the help of more clergy on a weekly or casual basis. If you’d like your pastor to help us or you’d like to chip-in send me an email or have them fill our standard registration form.

Did you see the news about BibleVR?

This will make a great gift for your pastor, student and those who have wanted to travel to the Holy Land. We have so very few expenses but every person subscribing to BibleVR who uses our Promo Code #NA103 will help us pay the overhead and God willing help us to fund the ongoing costs of hosting a 24/7 web radio station. Subscribe here. Pastors, Youth Pastors and Missionaries can get a free subscription if they also register with us here. Download the app for iOS or Android.

BibleVR Christmas Gift

The Gospel Lectionary:
Earlier this year I received a call from a friend in NY. He told me that he really liked our study through the Harmony of the Gospels but rather than follow our chronological study he wanted to lead members of his church through the Gospel Lectionary readings from the Revised Common Lectionary. As we begin Year A Fr. Rob Eaton has begun contributing Parsing the Collect – a weekly devotional he sends to members of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Hemet, CA. We’re now including a hyperlink to his devotional in each post in the series. This is a great resource to use during a Sunday morning Sunday School class, for the Youth or for a midweek Bible Study.

This Advent may your days be filled with Hope, Love, Joy and Peace.

Greg Troxell, Founder
Lake Nona – Orlando, FL |

HB News Training

The Unbitted Scholar

This homiletic post is inspired by a recent post I saw on my twitter feed: “Alexander Graham Bell had to make a second telephone before he could use the first telephone he built”. Meant to be an inspiration to entrepreneurial leaders, it struck me that as disciples we should all keep this in mind.

Alexander_Graham_Telephone_in_NewyorkJesus’ promise to the Church is that the gates and powers of hell itself will not overcome her (Mt 16:18 Msg). Yet it seems that many have lost heart and thought less of her glorious calling, and posture. Individually and so corporately, though not overcome, the Church often feels bereft, as member after member is bamboozled into thinking they are sackless to the temporal snares and spiritual powers at work around us.

It should not be so. The Gospel yields in the heart of the unbitted scholar an unwept tranquility, slant force, and enduring love (my paraphrase of 2 Tim 1:7). Thank goodness that we worship an intervenient God who’s mercy and grace match His desire – that we all partake and participate in His eternal kingdom.

As we continue our study through the Harmony of the Gospels and are now well into phase 5b, Jesus has already recognized twelve of his disciples, apostles, and commissioned them to begin their ministry. He has begun preparing them for the chief sacrifice of hemic proportions, which will result in a justiciable reality and inflorescence within every disciple for generations to come.

This is the Good News that is to stir an implicitly palpable unction in the heart of disciples today. As disciples we find that on our own there is little effect, but when two or three gather, even better when two or three respond to the call and go forth as did the apostles, the world will be forever changed.  

Fear not. Be disciples who make disciples – unbitted scholars with unwept tranquility, slant force, and enduring love.
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HB News

The Launch of the Harmony Bible Map

We’ve published the Harmony Bible Map (rev.1).

Please visit our Facebook page and add your comments

The Harmony Bible Map was created using Google Maps and can be viewed by the public on our website and directly in Google Maps.  Our intent is to help each student of the Gospels come to a better understanding of Jesus’ journeys. While many before us have created maps there are none like the one we have created which:

  • follows the chronology, and sections presented by Thomas and Gundry
  • is broken down by the five phases of Jesus’ life and ministry taught here and by many folks around the world trained by Sonlife
  • includes the regional boundaries that existed in Jesus time
  • includes both specific locations and the presumed path as best we can tell from our studies in the Harmony of the Gospels
  • links to weekly Bible study guides, mini-series, and significant archaeological findings
  • is free and accessible on mobile devices, laptops, and personal computers on any operating system with out registration or logging in
Harmony Bible Map
Click here to see our interactive map



HB News Lectionary Series

Introducing the Lectionary Series

Harmony Bible has a wide and growing network of ministry leaders using our resources in small groups, adult formation classes, discipleship circles, evangelism, ministry training, and church planting.  As such, members of our cooperative ministry continue to develop and contribute complimentary series and resources which draw people to our site to study the Scripture, worship God, becoming disciples who make disciples serving in ministry with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Lectionary SeriesThe Lectionary Series provides a brief video and text introduction for each Sunday’s Gospel reading following the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). What you’ll discover here is a better understanding of the parallel passages and Chronological context of the schedule reading.

We’ve begun this series at an odd time of the liturgical year, however we know that there is no bad time to begin walking with the Lord and studying the Scripture.  This is not the primary focus of Harmony Bible but a bridge to help members and lectors prepare their hearts to hear and share God’s Word. It is our hope those visiting our site because of the Lector Series might themselves feel called to form and lead a Harmony Bible Group.

Click here to read the first in the series.

HB News

Relief map of the Holy Land

We provide a link to A.P. Stout’s classic map featuring the Journey and Deeds of Jesus, however many groups find that seeing a relief map of the holy land helps them understand the terrain and journey even better. I thought you all might enjoy seeing a gallery of photos from I took using my Lytro camera.

relief map full width
Click to view the collection of photos

The relief map itself is plastic mounted on cardboard and roughly 9-inches by 14-inches. It shows the territories, major cities, the roads that existed in Jesus’ time and a vivid representation of the terrain. It really helps people get a feel of the Jordan Valley, the terrain from Capernaum to Jerusalem and onto Nazareth. The central ridge in the hill country of Judea and Sumaria, the valleys and ridges around Galilee and the rivers.

We recommend that you purchase a map for your small group online (the price is currently $29.95 + shipping).

Click the image to learn more about A.P Stout’s map.