Harmony Bible – One

Phase one (sections 1-23) in the life of Jesus begins before time, includes the incarnation and early years of Christ’s life until the time he was about 30 years old. The thematic emphasis and principle for ministry is Incarnational. In this phase ministry teams are intentional to invite people to participate and associate with the Church, while challenging more mature disciples to “go” into the world, shine the light that dwells in you, be the embodiment of God’s grace through an incarnational ministry.

The Shoot of Jesse

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Week 5 | Section 5,6

Gabriel is listed in Jewish literature as one of seven archangels, holding the highest rank after Michael. Five hundred years earlier, Gabriel gave Daniel an exact account of the time of the Messiah’s coming. Now he appeared to Mary, announcing the good news – that she would give birth to the savior of the world. Elizabeth is filled with the Holy Spirit and stands in awe when she recognizes Mary […]

Overcoming Disgrace

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Week 4 | Section 4

God’s promises and power goes beyond our human imagination and abilities. God has a way of interrupting our mundane lives to give us great purpose, a great hope, and great joy. In today’s passage Zechariah and Elizabeth are an older couple, but they are about to be surprised by joy.  Believers today would be equally blessed if we have a similar expectation of divine assistance, being humble and faithful in prayer and the service of […]

A Heritage of Faith

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Week 3 | Section 3

It would be considered reasonable by many to skip over section three in the chronological Harmony of the Gospels as on the surface it includes only a genealogical list of names  that are hard to pronounce. While both Matthew and Luke make plain his virgin birth, and therefore his deity, Luke’s genealogy emphasizes his humanity recounting the progenitors from the first Adam to Christ; while Matthew provides us the names of those who were heirs to the Davidic […]

In the Beginning

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Week 2 | Section 2

As we continue our chronological study through the Gospels we turn to the Gospel according to John and read his prologue. John’s style of writing is unique as is the voice of every Gospeler John highlights: the deity of Christ, and the important distinction of our own humanity and the existence of God the Creator:Created, Incarnation.

John 1:1-18

1 In the beginning¯ was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. […]

The Journey Begins

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Week 1 | Section 1

Luke’s prologue has a distinct style using Greek reason – an appeal for response based the examination of evidence, comparative testimonies, and eyewitnesses. He clearly states his desire and intent (v.3) and states his convictions about the nature and purpose of Jesus and his understanding that is is the Christ foretold in the Old Testament.
In a similar way, we want to be clear about our desire for you as you […]