Harmony Bible – 5d

Integrity and Devotion

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Section 137a, 137b, 138

We Want To See Jesus

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Today we will be studying part 2 of 2 on Holy Monday, the events of which are only found in John’s Gospel account. The lesson is of utmost importance, and especially to people on the fence, those who have not fully engaged with the Gospel message, or allowed their lives to be transformed by a Gospel-centered world view.

Holy Week Mini-Series Podcast:

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Section 130a | The Request of some Greeks to see Jesus
John 12:20-36a
20 Now there were certain […]

The Fig Tree and the Temple

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The fig tree – It was one of the most important and recognized trees in Israel. It was a staple food and stories of its value and peril have been woven into Scripture since the Garden of Eden (Gen 3:7). In today’s study we will tackle the morning events on Holy Monday including: a fruitless fig tree and the second cleansing of the temple.

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Section 129a | Cursing of a Fig Tree
From […]

Arrival at Bethany and Into Jerusalem

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As we begin the final phase of our study your group members should be developing as mature ministry leaders. In this phase, we recommend that you intentionally meet with each individual in your group to, convey your confidence in them, revisit certain lessons and principles, and (if you haven’t already) ensure that each is active in a ministry which reflects their unique strengths and gifts.

Our study today tackles the events on Palm Sunday found in Sections 128a,b.

You […]