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The Unbitted Scholar

November 3rd, 2015|HB News, Training|0 Comments

This homiletic post is inspired by a recent post I saw on my twitter feed: “Alexander Graham Bell had to make a second telephone before he could use the first telephone he built”. Meant to be an inspiration to entrepreneurial leaders, it struck me that as disciples we should all keep this in mind.

Jesus’ promise to the Church is that the gates and powers of hell itself will not overcome her (Mt 16:18 Msg). Yet it […]

What it takes

October 22nd, 2015|Training|Comments Off on What it takes

What does it take to live a meaningful life? To answer that you’ll have to decide what matters most, here and now, for eternity and in the minds of those you care about. As you read that did you think about the spiritual quality of your life and its effect and impact on all others you care about?

In today’s busy world, statistics show that even the faithful church members attend church less often. There are those who […]

We all need Jesus

October 17th, 2015|Training|0 Comments

There are those walking among us in everyday life who are searching, struggling, and lonely. There are others who vainly fight one vice and the next while never finding a base of stability. Then there are others who are blissfully content with the life and success they have achieved thus far in life.  While just a little more than 20% of the American population attends church on any given Sunday, we think most are seeking God, or as some choose to say, a […]

In the Zone – Ha-Makom

July 30th, 2015|Training|Comments Off on In the Zone – Ha-Makom

We want to impress on Harmony Bible group leaders the importance of disciple-making friends and the skill of listening, asking powerful questions, and provoking a faith-filled response. This article is an introduction which we would be glad to explore further during a training workshop. 

Rabbis call it Ha-Makom which means ‘the Place’. They’re not talking about ‘basketball’ or ‘flow’ but the “inter-subjective space” in which the reality of our communion dissolves the boundaries of what is yours and what is mine, […]