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Signs for the Saints

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Today we begin studying what is often called the Olivet Discourse, which Jesus spoke on Tuesday of Holy Week, the pharisees had just passed their final judgement on Jesus, and now he offers a prophetic teaching of the final days and future glory. This section of Scripture will help us explore and understand the relationship of the destruction of the temple to the second coming, the nature of the future Kingdom, the signs of […]

We Want To See Jesus

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Today we will be studying part 2 of 2 on Holy Monday, the events of which are only found in John’s Gospel account. The lesson is of utmost importance, and especially to people on the fence, those who have not fully engaged with the Gospel message, or allowed their lives to be transformed by a Gospel-centered world view.

Holy Week Mini-Series Podcast:

60 min Podcast: Coming soon
Section 130a | The Request of some Greeks to see Jesus
John 12:20-36a
20 Now there were certain […]

Fourth Sunday of Advent (A)

This Sunday’s gospel reading comes from Mt 1:18-25 found in Phase 1, Section 9 of the Harmony of the Gospels. The story recorded by the Apostle Matthew, probably while he was in Antioch was written with special concern for those steeped in Hebrew tradition. Today, we believe it speaks loudest to those who are law-bound and legalistic – battling with their reasoning, their desire to do what’s right, and the reality of their own thoughts and actions. Today’s message […]

Of Foxes and Lions

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Today’s reading marks the close of a particular day in the life of Jesus, but more assuredly the end of Herod’s leniency and tolerance towards Jesus’ growing ministry and fame. While Herod determines to be rid of Jesus once and for all, Jesus sets his sights on the purpose for which he came – to seek and save the lost, knowing even that it will cost him his very life. Sometimes self-sacrifice is the only path […]

Jesus the Healer and his Miracles

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There are 20 specific stories of Jesus healing people and in several of these instances we also read that Jesus went on and healed “all those who came” “many others” and “everyone”.  

This table is designed to help you jump to each passage in the Harmony of the Gospels so that you can study each healing and miracle in harmony, context, and chronological order.








Healing the official’s son at Capernaum



John 4:46-54

Healing a possessed man



Mark […]

Onward and Upward

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Week 81 | Sections 93, 94, 95
The journey to one’s destiny calls for unfeigned courage, humility, and encouragement where it might be found, for the road is not often easy.  In our reading today Jesus makes his journey onward and upward, traveling southward from Capernaum to Jerusalem.

Section 93 | Complete Commitment Required of Followers

Section 94 | Ridicule by Jesus’ Half Brothers

John 7:2-9
2 Now the feast of the Jews, the Feast of Booths, was at hand. 3 His brothers therefore […]

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