Lead a Harmony Bible group

HB-living room-small groupWe invite you to use Harmony Bible with your small group. Our resources are free, and training is affordable for those who would like to learn how to begin a disciple-making small group ministry. Even church planters will find the series helpful as they begin their new ministry in their community.

Harmony Bible makes use of our unique and unprecedented distribution license of The Harmony of the Gospels (Thomas & Gundry) we also use the World English Version which is in public domain within the website and PDF study notes. Registered small group leaders will receive a free copy of our loose-leaf edition of the Harmony of the Gospels.

The entire study takes a little more than four years to complete, when going at a pace that is suitable for deeper learning and small group dialogue.  If you think that a long time to be in one series then we’d encourage you to consider the path of Nathaniel, Phillip and the earliest of disciples who journeyed with Jesus for nearly three-and-a-half years.  Staying with the study that long will allow your group members to focus on knowing Jesus, and becoming disciple-making disciples not just filling their head with knowledge or addressing another topic in the next 7-week series.

Harmony Bible is appropriate for multi-generational groups, and every member regardless of how long they’ve been a member or how new they might be to the faith. Just as Jesus met people in all walks of life your church members from any of the five phases of discipleship will be transformed as they continue through this study.

Our study notes may be downloaded and copied freely. Each broadcast is included on the website so that you can hear our dialogue and then continue your study of the scriptures as you prepare to lead your small group.

We’d recommend that you get the blessing of your church pastor and ask if they could lead a peer group within your local church to support the ongoing training and needs of the small group leaders.