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The Harvest is Plentiful

September 11th, 2015|Five|Comments Off on The Harvest is Plentiful

Week 63 | Section 70a

Legacy planning is a term many are familiar with but there are none that have proven better than Jesus’. The success is in part due to His master plan and God’s very nature which was instilled within humanity. In today’s study we find our selves peering pack onto the eve of a movement that transformed the world forever.  It was late summer, for two-and-a-half years they had followed Jesus, then become his disciples, and in the […]

We Want a Sign

June 25th, 2015|Five|Comments Off on We Want a Sign

Week 53 | Section 62

The pharisees remain antagonistic, doubting the signs they have already seen and the testimony of Jesus and John the Baptist. While they wished to have him tried and killed, they would have to sway the masses. But Jesus continued to win the hearts of the people, not by any campaign but by living with integrity as the Messiah, the Lord who saves.


Matthew 12:38-45
38 Then certain of the scribes and Pharisees answered, “Teacher, we […]