Ask, Seek, Knock

Week 46 | Section 54 h, i

In this broadcast we conclude a 5 week series of the sermon on the mount.  Jesus wraps up the teaching with a familiar lesson on prayer with a simple summary: Ask, Seek, Knock.

This week is a perfect opportunity to explore and discuss the importance of prayer and talk about how you yourself as the disciple have integrated routine, regular, and continuous prayer into your life.  Its also a terrific time to talk about the intimacy of your relationship with God, your desire to be with him, and abide with him. Another theme to explore is the aspect of ego, sin and other obstacles that separate us from God and the behaviors that nurture your relationship with God.


The Lord’s Prayer

Week 44 | Section 54f

In the fourth message within the Sermon on the Mount we read from Section 54f in the ‘Harmony of the Gospels’ by Thomas and Gundry. In this section (Matthew 6:1-18) Jesus teaches the disciples and apostles gathered ‘how’ to give, forgive, fast and pray without hypocrisy.

History and archaeological records highlights the rapid spread of the Lord’s Prayer throughout Israel, to Italy, Africa, and even into Syria by the middle of the second century. By the fourth century some integrated the original form of prayer granted us by Jesus teaching, to a poetic prayer that could be said by the masses in unison. After nearly 1500 years some today recite the Lord’s prayer without understanding the meaning and truth within its words and form.

We pray that this study will invigorate your own prayer life and help you prepare to provide this teaching to those you are discipling.

May we become the fragrance of Christ, and ambassadors of the King of kings.