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The Launch of the Harmony Bible Map

We’ve published the Harmony Bible Map (rev.1).

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The Harmony Bible Map was created using Google Maps and can be viewed by the public on our website and directly in Google Maps.  Our intent is to help each student of the Gospels come to a better understanding of Jesus’ journeys. While many before us have created maps there are none like the one we have created which:

  • follows the chronology, and sections presented by Thomas and Gundry
  • is broken down by the five phases of Jesus’ life and ministry taught here and by many folks around the world trained by Sonlife
  • includes the regional boundaries that existed in Jesus time
  • includes both specific locations and the presumed path as best we can tell from our studies in the Harmony of the Gospels
  • links to weekly Bible study guides, mini-series, and significant archaeological findings
  • is free and accessible on mobile devices, laptops, and personal computers on any operating system with out registration or logging in
Harmony Bible Map
Click here to see our interactive map



By Greg Troxell

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