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The Unbitted Scholar

This homiletic post is inspired by a recent post I saw on my twitter feed: “Alexander Graham Bell had to make a second telephone before he could use the first telephone he built”. Meant to be an inspiration to entrepreneurial leaders, it struck me that as disciples we should all keep this in mind.

Alexander_Graham_Telephone_in_NewyorkJesus’ promise to the Church is that the gates and powers of hell itself will not overcome her (Mt 16:18 Msg). Yet it seems that many have lost heart and thought less of her glorious calling, and posture. Individually and so corporately, though not overcome, the Church often feels bereft, as member after member is bamboozled into thinking they are sackless to the temporal snares and spiritual powers at work around us.

It should not be so. The Gospel yields in the heart of the unbitted scholar an unwept tranquility, slant force, and enduring love (my paraphrase of 2 Tim 1:7). Thank goodness that we worship an intervenient God who’s mercy and grace match His desire – that we all partake and participate in His eternal kingdom.

As we continue our study through the Harmony of the Gospels and are now well into phase 5b, Jesus has already recognized twelve of his disciples, apostles, and commissioned them to begin their ministry. He has begun preparing them for the chief sacrifice of hemic proportions, which will result in a justiciable reality and inflorescence within every disciple for generations to come.

This is the Good News that is to stir an implicitly palpable unction in the heart of disciples today. As disciples we find that on our own there is little effect, but when two or three gather, even better when two or three respond to the call and go forth as did the apostles, the world will be forever changed.  

Fear not. Be disciples who make disciples – unbitted scholars with unwept tranquility, slant force, and enduring love.
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By Greg Troxell

Disciple, entrepreneur and catalytic leader. Advocate of the sharing economy. Ministering to youth, new Christians, and equipping the saints. Developing the Emotivational practice. Founder of

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