Our Team

gtroxell-twitter profile pictureGreg Troxell is the father of three grown children.  He has more than 30 years of ministry experience working for the Lord. Greg is a former YoungLife director and  has served on the church staff in several denominations (Episcopal, United Methodist, Presbyterian Church of America, and the Covenant Church). He provides coaching, consulting and training for those in ministry. He leads retreats, workshops and seminars. Greg has consistently expressed his apostolic vocation in ministry and in business as an entrepreneur launching a rural internet company (ISP) he was a pioneer of VoIP and also created an espresso bar as a gathering place for his community. He has discipled hundreds and taught thousands. He enjoys providing hospitality, cooking, hiking, flying kites, and the beach.

He has created two essential resources for counselors and those in ministry: the Emotivational Spectrum and the Field Guide for Ministry Discernment and Discipleship Each resource has opened doors for Greg as a guest teacher at churches, seminaries and Christian retreat centers. 

In addition to leading Harmony Bible Coop, Greg serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the National Alliance for Youth Development, and is also writing a book based on his emotivational research for individuals and communities seeking Vitality Within.  A native a California, and past resident of Virginia, Greg now resides in Orlando, Florida. 



Fr Rob Eaton
Fr. Rob Eaton

Fr. Rob Eaton is an ordained priest and the interim Rector serving at the Church of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Hemet CA. He and is wife, have two children, 6 grandchildren, and a dog.

Rob has 30 years of ordained experience and practice in both corporate-sized and small parish. He also offers true leadership in a full-time interim setting. After years of lay ministry as lay reader, traveling missioner, full-time seminarian intern in program-size “renewal” parish, Rob spent time at the SSJE monastery in Bracebridge, Ont, Canada, working on music composition. The Spiritual gifts that have been evident in his life are primarily in teaching and discernment. His ministry reflects his priority of prayer, and reliance upon the power and grace of the Holy Spirit in each disciple’s life.