Harmony Bible Timeline

The Harmony Bible Timeline is designed to help you follow the development of Jesus’ life and ministry, as well as the faith of the disciples and people to whom he ministered. We’ve broken it down into the five phases we teach when training small group leaders. The dates and time coincide with the sections referred to in the Harmony of the Gospels.

Scroll down the page to see our timeline for each phase. Use the icons in each timeline to advance to the next event. Use the hyperlinks in each slide to jump to that lesson or the related encyclopedic information.



[Timeline will be here]

⑤ MISSIONAL MINISTRY (about 15 months, ongoing)

[Timeline for Phase 5a “Apprenticeship” (Sections 53-69)]
[Timeline for Phase 5b “Training” (Sections 70b-142)]
[Timeline for Phase 5c “Anointing & Empowerment” (Section 143-184)]

Some dates are chosen due to church tradition. In such instances we have chosen to follow the liturgical calendar of the Episcopal Church. The Liturgical Calendar can been seen here.  The annual calendar and rules for finding the date of Easter Day, and other movable feasts and holy days are provided by the BCP, pp. 880-885.