Harmony Bible is focused on helping equip disciples to make disciples. Five principles for ministry are seen throughout the chronological study of the Harmony of the Gospels. We have created a number of resources to help you make disciples including:

Fishers of MenWhile you are free to follow Jesus and study the Word of God at any pace we’ve created the Harmony Bible Index to help your group complete the journey in in 3-1/2 years. Use this resource to help you navigate your group through each weekly lesson in the Harmony of the Gospels.

Harmony Bible Map

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The Harmony Bible Map is designed in google to help you follow Jesus through each town and region he traveled. Its organized chronologically and by phase. Click the image below to take a closer look.

HBR-TimelineWe’re creating an interactive timeline for each phase of Jesus’ life – but we’re still in the process of developing this resource. If you’d like to help complete the project please contact us.
Harmony Bible - The Gospel LectionaryFor those who attend a liturgical church following the Revised Common Lectionary we’ve created the Lectionary Series. This series will help your members study the rest of the Gospel story as they study it in the context of the Harmony. Beginning with “Year A” we’ve also included, “Parsing the Collect” a post created by Fr. Rob Eaton.

This resource is brought to you by one of our Partners, Bible-VR. Its our honor and pleasure to share a sneak peek of their virtual tours of the Holy Land, prayer rooms and short films with our guests and members. Provide us your email if you’d like to receive an email when we announce each limited viewing experience. Better yet subscribe to Bible-VR so that you can share this immersive experience with your group at all times. Every Bible-VR subscriber using our promo code “NA103” helps support Harmony Bible.

Chapter & VerseThis page helps you find the phase and section of any verse in from the Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Click the column heading to sort the table as desired, then scan or use CTL+F to enter the data to help narrow your search.

Topical Memory CardsHarmony’s Topical Memory Index provides a number of memory verses and topical studies helping you embrace important principles that will enliven and empower your life as a Christian. You can use the memory system on your own or with your small group throughout any study series as a way to help the members build their lives around the Gospel.

Holy Week mini-seriesOur Holy Week Mini-Series is a great way to introduce members and friends to the Harmony of the Gospels throughout Lent. It can also be used as an intensive study during each day from Palm Sunday to Easter.

Please register as a small group leader and encourage your pastor/rector/priest to register and help us develop even more resources as a cooperative. If you’d like to receive training our founder is willing to provide you some free informal options via video conference using Google Hangouts or Skype. If you can afford it we would prefer to come to your church, community or retreat center and interact over three days of training. If you’re ready to jump in and make disciples, we won’t hold you back from beginning now.

Begin in Phase 1 and lead your group through the life and ministry of Jesus and his disciples. Print out the weekly study guide and make copies for your small group – they’re free.

Phase 1 | Sections 1-23
Phase 1 in the life of Jesus begins before time, includes the incarnation and early years of Christ’s life until the time he was about 30 years old. The thematic emphasis and principle for ministry is to be Incarnational.

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Phase 2 | Sections 24-40
This phase begins with the baptism of Jesus, and includes his temptation, his first followers, the wedding in Cana of Galilee, his dialog with Nicodemus and the woman at the well. It encompasses the 18-21 months after his baptism. The thematic emphasis and principle for ministry is to be Relational.

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Phase 3 | Sections 41-48
The ministry emphasis in Phase 3 is to be experiential. In the life of Christ it encompasses about 4-6 months of Jesus ministry beginning with his calling of the first four disciples and ending with a dialog with some prominent Jews after a banquet at Matthew’s home. Ministry in this phase engages disciples in active ministry to and with others in ministry that is: incarnational, relational, and experiential. Younger disciples (those in phase 2) are getting hands on experience in ministry with the guidance of  more mature disciples. Each experience builds up the faith, knowledge, and Christian integrity of the one another.

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Phase 4 | Sections 49a-52
Phase four begins with the story of Jesus healing an invalid on the Sabbath and concludes a short 3-5 months thereafter just before appointing the first 12 Apostles. It’s a season in ministry which is very Intentional.  Disciples are actively sharing their faith, known to others as being a Christian, engaged in ministry.  When discipling others through this phase our priority is to equip them better for the ministry to which they are called. Key lessons include: reliance on the Holy Spirit, discipling others, and the unity of service and heart throughout whole Church.

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Phase 5a | Sections 53-70a
The overall focus of Phase 5 is a missional lifestyle spanning Sections 53-184 covering the last 15 months in the life of Christ until his ascension. We’ve broken into four parts: Phase 5a includes only Section 53-70a beginning with the Appointment of the Twelve Apostles is about one’s Apprenticeship. 

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Phase 5b | Sections 70b-101b
The overall focus of Phase 5 is a missional lifestyle spanning Sections 53-184 covering the last 15 months in the life of Christ until his ascension. We’ve broken into four parts: Phase 5b hones in on the training of the twelve spanning Sections 70b-101b beginning with the Commissioning of the Twelve.

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Phase 5c | Sections 102a-127b
The overall focus of Phase 5 is a missional lifestyle spanning Sections 53-184 covering the last 15 months in the life of Christ until his ascension. We’ve broken into four parts: The focus of Phase 5c is about Multiplying which is seen in Sections 102a-127b beginning with the Commissioning the Seventy.

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Phase 5c | Sections 128a-184
The overall focus of Phase 5 is about having a missional lifestyle. It spans Sections 53-184 covering the last 15 months in the life of Christ until his ascension. We’ve broken into four parts: Phase 5d includes Sections 128a-184 covering the events of Holy Week, the Great Commission, and Jesus’ Ascension. Disciples in this phase have a lifestyle which is renown. The fruit and followers from years of ministry humbles their heart by the knowledge of the grace and truth of God which saved and transformed their life, and however great or small their ministry – they aim to honor Christ alone.

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