Our training sessions can be in the form of a workshop, retreat, or even an online video series.

In a nutshell what you need is a vital relationship with Jesus, your Bible (well used), and love for your friends. As Hudson Taylor wrote, “God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him”. Our study through the “Harmony of the Gospels” allows you to take those steps, and now we’ve begun posting some Ministry Training posts here on this site:

You can also contact us and we’ll work with you to craft our training to meet the needs of your church, diocese or community. Here’s a glimpse of our basic training:

Introductory workshop ($500 group fee)
WorkshopsOur intent is to help you:

  • establish a foundation for discipleship throughout your church/group
  • introduce the Harmony of the Gospels
  • explain what’s provided in our small group resources
  • charge members use their strengths in ministry
  • energize members to participate in the weekend training course

Weekend Training ($1275 minimum fee or $275/person)
This training course takes place on Saturday and Sunday following the Friday evening introductory workshop. Those who complete our training are provided:

  • a bound copy of the Harmony of the Gospels by Thomas and Gundry
  • thumb drive with a digital copy of Thomas & Gundry’s Harmony of the Gospels, our reproducible study notes with WEB Scriptures, and the Field Guide for Ministry Discernment
  • some other cool stuff to help you invite people into discipleship
  • invitation to our members monthly online hangout

We will work with you to design the best retreat possible. Retreats can be as brief as 3 days or as long as 20 days.  Our rates will change with the learning objectives, duration, number of participants, and location.

* Fees do not include travel, lodging or meals.