Harmony Bible – Three

Phase three (Sections 41-48) is experiential. In the life of Christ it encompasses about 4-6 months of Jesus ministry beginning with his calling of the first four disciples and ending with a dialog with some prominent Jews after a banquet at Matthew’s home. Ministry in this phase engages disciples in active ministry to and with others in ministry that is: incarnational, relational, and experiential. Younger disciples (those in phase 2) are getting hands on experience in ministry with the guidance of more mature disciples. Each experience builds up the faith, knowledge, and Christian integrity of the one another.

Freedom In Christ

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Week 34, Section 48
Summary: For the first time Jesus uses a parable, a classic manner of teaching to induce further reflection and dialog. In this parable Jesus speaks of something new and old. He’s referring to the New Covenant and the Old Covenant.  It was an apt moment for this lesson as John’s disciples and the Pharisees were still holding on to ‘the way things have always been done’.
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Matthew 9:14-17
Mark 2:18-22
Luke 5:33-39

14 Then John’s disciplesa  came to […]

Matthew Follows Jesus

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Week 33, Section 47 a,b
Summary: This week our study challenges us to consider not only what we might need to leave behind in order to follow Jesus, but also the grace of God to every person no matter how proficient or profane a sinner we might be.  It also indicates that each individual also brings a certain value to God’s eternal purpose – for Matthew was most likely more wealthy and educated than the other 11 apostles.  To those […]

Forgiving & Healing of a Paralytic

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Week 32, Section 46
Summary: This week we step into the room where a crowd had gathered around Jesus to hear him teach. Over the past few months Jesus has gained many followers and disciples so many that on this day some very determined friends chose to tear open the room in order to place their friend at the feet of Jesus.  This is the kind of story that challenges me, making me ask, ‘what extent am I going to bring those in […]

Gratitude and the Gospel

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Week 31, Section 45

A year since Jesus was baptized his public ministry now includes more healing as he shows his compassion to others and the number of followers and disciples is increasing.  Our study today reveals something more about Jesus’ purpose, his manner of ministry, and his concern for our own physical condition.


Group Dialog:

Why does the leper come to Jesus? By doing so, he breaks the rules of Lev 13-14 (Lev 13: 45-46)
How might our perspective of what God wants and what […]

The Priority of Prayer

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Section 44 | Week 30

This week our study illustrates how prayer was an essential aspect of Jesus’ relationship with His Father and an integrated quality of his life, ministry, mission and strategy. In light of this, and instruction throughout the Scriptures we must integrate the same discipline into our lives or suffer the perils of pride, prayer anemia, and spiritual malnutrition.


Group Dialog:

Do you feel close to God?
How has prayer benefited you?
Why do you pray? (brokenness, for family, spouse, faith, […]

The Embrace of Community

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Week 29 | Section 43

This week we read of Jesus healing Peter’s mother-in-law and learn about the nature of community, compassion, and care. In this passage we see the compassion of Christ as the consolation of Jerusalem. Jesus’ attention to the Sabbath, care of the Peter’s mother-in-law and the others gathered provide us a worthy model that would transform cultures and communities around the globe.


Group Dialog:

Why do you think Matthew, Mark, and Luke include the story of […]

Power and Authority

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Week 28 | Section 42

Jesus has gone to the Synagogue on the Sabbath but there encounters a demoniac. Astounding those present, he sets the demoniac free and word of Jesus’ authority spread throughout the region. The Good News is not limited to our salvation but our daily experience of God’s grace and power in our lives as we live Christ.


Group Dialog:

What kind of authority does Jesus have in the synagogue? In his teaching? And […]

Fishers of Men

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Week 27 | Sections 40,41

In this week’s study we’re transitioning from phase two to phase three of Jesus’ ministry. Though this is week 26 for us, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist about a year before. In today’s study the five men who had been following Jesus choose to become his disciples. This is a major transition in their lives, and in the life of every disciple who since believed because of the ministry […]