Harmony Bible – Capernaum

Heartfelt Sorrows

May 31st, 2015|Five|Comments Off on Heartfelt Sorrows

Week 49 | Section 58 in the Harmony of the Gospels

Jesus’ prophetic voice sounds clear warning in today’s passage from Matthew 11:20-30. The sorrow he expresses towards the cities of Korazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum is heartfelt and the silver lining for those communities despised by the faithful and pious are offers a glimmer of hope to those who would hear what the spirit has to say. Its easy to get off track and even […]

Such Great a Faith

May 17th, 2015|Five|Comments Off on Such Great a Faith

Week 47 | Section 55, 56

We open to sections 55-56 for our study in week 47 Harmony Bible Radio. This week we read two healing stories and hear the witness of Jesus’ power and authority over  sickness, time, space, and even death as such our lesson hones in on the nature of faith – not of our own accord but faith in Jesus.

Forgiving & Healing of a Paralytic

January 18th, 2015|Three|Comments Off on Forgiving & Healing of a Paralytic

Week 32, Section 46
Summary: This week we step into the room where a crowd had gathered around Jesus to hear him teach. Over the past few months Jesus has gained many followers and disciples so many that on this day some very determined friends chose to tear open the room in order to place their friend at the feet of Jesus.  This is the kind of story that challenges me, making me ask, ‘what extent am I going to bring those in […]

Power and Authority

December 7th, 2014|Three|Comments Off on Power and Authority

Week 28 | Section 42

Jesus has gone to the Synagogue on the Sabbath but there encounters a demoniac. Astounding those present, he sets the demoniac free and word of Jesus’ authority spread throughout the region. The Good News is not limited to our salvation but our daily experience of God’s grace and power in our lives as we live Christ.


Group Dialog:

What kind of authority does Jesus have in the synagogue? In his teaching? And […]