HB News Lectionary Series

Introducing the Lectionary Series

Harmony Bible has a wide and growing network of ministry leaders using our resources in small groups, adult formation classes, discipleship circles, evangelism, ministry training, and church planting.  As such, members of our cooperative ministry continue to develop and contribute complimentary series and resources which draw people to our site to study the Scripture, worship God, becoming disciples who make disciples serving in ministry with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Lectionary SeriesThe Lectionary Series provides a brief video and text introduction for each Sunday’s Gospel reading following the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). What you’ll discover here is a better understanding of the parallel passages and Chronological context of the schedule reading.

We’ve begun this series at an odd time of the liturgical year, however we know that there is no bad time to begin walking with the Lord and studying the Scripture.  This is not the primary focus of Harmony Bible but a bridge to help members and lectors prepare their hearts to hear and share God’s Word. It is our hope those visiting our site because of the Lector Series might themselves feel called to form and lead a Harmony Bible Group.

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